Visit the Italian Hall at the US Book Show (May 25-27)

The Publishing Task Force (PTF) of the Italian Trade Agency in Chicago will be at the U.S. Book Show, the digital event sponsored and organized by Publishers Weekly. The show, open to librarians, booksellers, vendors, professionals, and in general, to the book publishing community, offers virtual networking and interaction between attendees and exhibitors on a 3D Exhibit Hall. The book show will take place from May 25 to 27 (2021) and will focus on the newest editions expected from August to December 2021.

The Publishing Task Force, in addition to its own digital booth, is sponsoring the Italian Hall, made by the thirty Italian publishers who adhered to the office initiative. During the event, the PTF will launch the newly restructured, designed as an interactive platform for the book rights initiatives.

Come and visit our Italian Hall, and schedule a Zoom session with us as well as one-on-one meetings. We will offer free training sessions on how to create a company profile, explore the amazing book database and interact with other registered users within the platform.

If you wish to have more information on our participation, please email us at