“Venice on a Plate…but What a Plate”: What’s Cooking with Enrica Rocca

If jetting off to Venice, London or Cape Town for a cooking class with the vivacious “Cooking Countess” Enrica Rocca isn’t feasible for you at the moment, then don’t miss the chance to catch the native Venetian during her book tour. The author of “Venice on a Plate…but What a Plate” will host cooking demonstrations, cicchetti events, and book signings in cities throughout the US and Canada. One of the stops will be at Eataly Chicago for an authentic experience of cicchetti making (www.eataly.com/event/chischool-venice-on-a-plate-11122014).

In addition to running one of the best cooking schools in the world (according to Gourmet Magazine), Enrica is a chef, restauranteur and television personality. Clearly, someone who dons more than just a chef’s hat will offer a unique and authentic gastronomic experience!

To learn more, please visit www.enricarocca.com.