Back to School: ItalBooks Edition

Once again, students of all ages and disciplines are heading back to school. As you dust off your backpack and collect your pencils, don’t forget the many Italian publishing houses and distributors that specialize in books students may find useful or interesting in the upcoming academic year. From dictionaries to medical text books, there’s something for every student and every schedule!

Here is just a sampling of the possibilities:

Black Cat Cideb
BLACK CAT – CIDEB specializes in providing high-quality teaching materials for students of Italian, English, French, German and Spanish around the world. The vast catalogue, downloadable at, includes courses, grammars, literary anthologies and readers for all ages and levels of language competence, with accompanying audio CDs or CD-ROMs.

Bonacci Editore
Bonacci Editore specializes in the publication of material for teaching Italian to foreigners: textbooks, grammar books, audiovisuals, easy-readers, Italian classics and librettos, teaching aids and more.

Casalini Libri
Since its founding the late 1950s, Casalini Libri S.p.A. has been dedicated to the supply of bibliographical services, books and journals to national, academic and public libraries and institutions worldwide. The Casalini Libri Digital Division, established in January 2000 following an international pilot project, offers innovative electronic publishing services to the highest industry standards, collaborating with Italian and international publishers to create and distribute digital publications.

Edizioni Edilingua
Edizioni Edilingua is a world leader in the field of Italian as foreign language. The catalogue includes a complete series of high quality teaching materials: course books and supplementary books, DVDs, IWB software and an innovative digital platform.

ELI Edizioni
A well-established publisher operating worldwide and offering a large range of publications to learn Italian as a foreign language: courses, classroom magazines, readers, activity and puzzle books, posters, dictionaries, video and audio materials, teacher’s resources. In 2004 ELI launched its new course for young learners, Grandi Amici, based on the latest research in the field of language teaching methodology.

Guerra Edizioni
Established in 1883, Guerra Edizioni publishes some of the world’s most widely distributed books on teaching the Italian language to foreigners, based on various language teaching methods, often combined with magnetic supports and interactive CD-ROMs and the new smartboard. The Guerra Edizioni catalogue currently includes over 800 titles, all available on the website.

Pearson Paravia Bruno Mondadori
Pearson Paravia Bruno Mondadora focuses on students from Lower Secondary School to Upper Secondary School; in both groups it is among the leading publishers, particularly with regard to the humanistic subjects. A careful attention to the cultural and didactic innovation is one of the distinctive features of the brand and of its presence in the school system.

Zanichelli Editore SpA
Zanichelli Publishing House was founded in 1859 and has a deep commitment to the spread of scientific ideas by publishing the Italian translations of essential texts, as well as educational texts for both cultural and vocational development.

Today, Zanichelli has more than 550 university books, 200 legal works and periodicals, and 600 school textbooks in its catalogue. In addition, Zanichelli publishes a series of authoritative reference works, manuals, atlases and dictionaries, including the prestigious Vocabolario della lingua italiana by Nicola Zingarelli, now in its highly successful, annually-updated twelfth edition (1993).

Piccin Nuova Libraria SpA
Piccin publishes high-quality STM books for students and professionals. Piccin’s catalogue offers a large variety of titles, including Italian literature, art, and law, though the company focuses on medical books.

Edi.Ermes Srl
Edi.Ermes, one of the main publishers of its sector, specializes medical-scientific publications of various levels, from university textbooks to books aimed at sector professionals. Edi.Ermes also publishes periodicals in the health sector.